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OTCH CH Lochnquay's Madriver Fairytale CGN CDX RE AGNJ AGI Us/Cdn WCX SH ROMX

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl... Lochnquay's MadRiver Fairytale"...

I feel very honoured and privileged to have been entrusted with this precious outgoing, inquisitive, confident and beautiful girl as the foundation for my kennel - MadRiver Tollers.

What a wonderful journey it has been. She has been a doting and loving mom of beautiful healthy puppies, grand puppies, great grand puppies, ... and her legacy lives on.  She has strong work ethics and we have achieved much together.  I'm over the moon about our connection and team work.

It is an ongoing and amazing enchanting journey!

(Click on the name or here to see the pedigree)

CH Madriver's Will O' Wisp ETD VA JH Amr/Cdn) WCX CDX  


Fia, my 'baby-baby' is the first 'keeper' puppy from one of Enya's litters.  She is a sweet and lively girl who loves nothing better than to please and play.  She is super snugly and believes that she is a lap dog.   She is extremely biddable, driven and oh SO MUCH FUN!

She is maturing into a beautiful girl and we are having a blast in field, agility, obedience and other sports.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.  This little flickering fire light has a HUGE heart. 

Fia is an amazing mama and has produced some beautiful dogs who will, in turn, carry on the legacy.

(Click on the name or here to see the pedigree)

CH Madriver's, Hello, Little Girl ATD (Am/Cdn) WCI CD


This is my first 'grand-baby' from Enya's first litter and mom Fernie.   Nymeria, Meria for short or 'lil Red', brings love and unbridled joy to our home.  This little 'direwolf' has a sweet temperament, is a very quick learner and has bags of drive to run and play.

Nymeria is maturing and gaining more confidence.   We are doing more in field and in obedience.  The adventures continues... 

This journey never ceases to amazing me.

(Click on the name to see the pedigree)

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