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The First is Always the BEST

The beginning of our journey - Katyra's Kokuma CGN OTD WC CDX AGN AGNJ


“Kuma," also affectionately called “Kumasan”, which means “little bear” in Japanese. She was my first Toller.  I didn't know these dogs, but after some research into the breed, I decided to get one and have never looked back!
Kuma was an ‘old soul’. She was a sweet, friendly and outgoing dog with love to spare.  
She introduced me to competitive obedience, field and agility.  Kuma was an Ottawa Therapy Dog (OTD). She loved nothing better than a warm lap to put her head on and share the love.
Uncertainty, fear, and anxiety closely mirror to me the first car ride home new parents take with their newborns. She taught me plenty of things, patience being one of the big ones, but a deep love and affection for our four legged friends that I didn’t know was possible.
The cosmos had spoken, and it began my love affair with Tollers. These dogs seem to be meant to be in my life.

They threw away the mould after they made her.  She was the definition of a 'good' dog.  She loved everyone, in any form.  She was a happy go lucky dog, good natured and a faithful companion.  She had a long and happy life.  She is very dearly missed.  It is never long enough.  

(Click on the name or here to see the pedigree)


My Fellah - The Best Co-Pilot

Katyra Tinks He's Funny CGN AGNJ RA CDX Us/Cdn WCI JH

William my copilot - Copy.jpg

William was without a doubt a “mama’s” boy, whom was also affectionately known as ‘Ball Face’ for the ever present orange ball in his mouth. William was spunky and cuddly and had a never ending desire to play. He simply ‘adored’ children and would sit there with a stupid grin on his face, wagging his tail, BEGGING them to throw the ball for him.  He was also a retired Ottawa Therapy Dog.  He was very aptly named, he really did think he was a pretty funny guy at times!  He loved nothing better than to be with me and rarely left my side.  He was the best co-pilot a girl could ever have.  He will always be with me and close to my heart.

(Click on the name or here to see the pedigree)

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