Due to extremely high demand, only applications from families with Toller and / or have raised dogs and in particular working dogs, will be considered in priority at this time.

~2 year waiting list!

Unfortunately we cannot entertain visits from everyone who applies at this time.  If and when there is availability, families will be contacted.

Enya's Fairytale 4 weeks 043 girl with p
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Enya Fairytale 4 weeks 100 girl with pup



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We are a 'hobby' breeder and have limited litters, and not necessarily every year.  We are a home-based and raised under-foot kind of breeder.   If you are looking for a puppy ASAP, we recommend that you contact a kennel and breeder 'business' that breeds many litters a year, because that's not us.   


Our priority is to ensure that the dams and the sires meet our high standards in health and temperament.  The versatility of the breed is also important and we look for a working background in the breeding lines, and in the new prospective homes as well.  Tollers were bred to be 'working' dogs, retrieving in the field, agility, etc. and our philosophy is to maintain this standard in our lines.


Our puppies get their first vet health check, first shots, microchip, dewormed, registered with CKC and have been socialized - sensory, visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and we start potty and crate training.  Puppies are also exposed to working environments such as puppy sized agility equipment; field sounds, texture and smells; obedience; scent detection and lots of other fun stuff to keep them thinking and engaged.  In the summer they are introduced to the pond!  The goal is to make them as 'bomb proof' as we can before they go to their new homes.  The puppies all undergo a temperament test and a structure evaluation at ~ 7 weeks.  We take great care to match the puppies to their families to ensure that 'forever' memories are made.

If you would like to share information about your home and family by filling out our questionnaire, we will keep it on file and contact you when there is availability.   Please understand that we have > 100 applications on hand at any given time, and growing all the time.  Our waiting list is ~ 2 years.  This is made even more challenging during Covid.  We understand that this can be frustrating, but again we are not a business, and this we simply cannot contact, nor can we entertain visits, from everyone who applies.   Families with previous dog experience and working homes will be considered in priority.  This is due to the challenges with socialization.  Check out the Top Ten Reasons to, and not to, get a Toller!

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