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We do not expect to have puppies until 2026


MadriverTollers FB Page

I am not a 'business' nor a kennel and raise puppies 'underfoot' from time to time in my private family home.

Please check for events and venues in your area to meet Tollers and breeders.

Check out and for breeders in your area.

Enya's Fairytale 4 weeks 043 girl with p
IMG_5169 with puppies.JPG
Enya Fairytale 4 weeks 100 girl with pup


EXCELLENT READS - Before contacting a breeder!  


How does it work?   Process   

Comment ça fonctionne?  Procédure

MadRiver Toller Puppy questionnaire / Questionnaire MadRiver pour chiots   Questionnaire 

NOTEWe are looking for active working homes with first hand dog experience

 e.g., agility, field, obedience, hunting!

You will be ONLY be contacted if there is expectations for availability and 'fit' within 6 months.  

If you are looking for a puppy ASAP, we recommend that you contact a breeder and kennel 'business' that breeds many litters a year

You can find a list of breeders on the following websites:,, or in the US.

NOTE:    Check for events in your area and go to meet the dogs in action and their breeders.  

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